Fantasy Research

When it comes to fantasy there are a lot of concept work for different games I can look into but I chose to look into New World a recent MMORPG created by Double Helix Games & published by Amazon Game Studios the other being Final Fantasy XIV a old MMORPG created and published by Square Enix. I chose these games since I play both and know about both and like a lot of the aspects of both games.

New World
New World is a game which I have very much liked since the reveal back at the 2019 Game Awards and have been hooked since the games launch and I do love the whole look of the game as it is the perfect blend of genres I love with the classic old theme as it is set in the 17th century and has the fantasy setting with the looks of the game and being set in a new sort of world in our Earth.

Background Into The Game
In New World you take control of an intrepid adventurer that finds themselves on the shores of Aeternum, also known as the Eternal Isle. The land of Aeternum is overflowing with Azoth, a powerful substance that’s rumored to be capable of bestowing eternal life sort of like the Fountain of Youth. Obviously, you and fellow travelers are compelled to investigate further. Aeternum is, on paper, a diverse region with a mixture of beautiful landscapes and supernatural geographical anomalies. Once you arrive though you’ll discover that Aeternum is anything but an idyllic paradise. Creatures cover the island and grotesque monsters roam freely. A powerful and twisted force known as The Corruption has overtaken the land and infected anything it comes into contact with. You’ve got to fight back The Corruption, take control of the land, and compete with other rival explorers to stake your claim and secure your legacy (Jagneaux, 2020). For a summary of the main story here is a link to a video done by Redlaf. (Redlaf, 2021)

(IGN Southeast Asia, 2020)

When it comes to looking into the concept work for New World I am focusing on structural concepts mainly with the odd nature concept just incase I want to go down that path for my concepts, I originally was thinking of doing just structural designs but looking into the concepts I saw some natural concepts and wanted to add them, back to the structural concepts, I am mainly looking into the ancient structures as I like their abstract look as well as towns & settlements as I think I can make something interesting after more research through the actual game

Final Fantasy XIV
Final Fantasy is a game which I have always liked because of the look of the game which is brilliant and I love the locations they have made for the game, the overall look of the different areas you just don’t find anywhere else and the game is the perfect embodiment of the genre of Fantasy.

Background Info On The Game
For some background info into the game here (Vrykerion, 2015) is a synopsis for the entire story up until the first DLC Heavensward. If you want to have a video instead of text go here (Comicstorian, 2019) instead and this is a playlist of all the story with DLCs by Comicstorian.

(Square Enix, 2013)

For Final Fantasy XIV concepts I am mainly looking into structures and those being abstract and definitely giving off a fantasy like feeling, I particularly want to look further into the concepts on the bottom row as these sort of structures fascinate me and want to make concepts on them myself. As for the other concepts they are either towns/settlements or crypts/dungeons and these are more concepts I may look into.

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